My 420 Tours: Matthew Brown Talks Marijuana Tourism On 'The Doctors' (VIDEO)

The idea of having marijuana tourism in Colorado appears to still be taking the world by storm.

Matthew Brown, the co-owner of My 420 Tours appeared on CBS's "The Doctors" show to talk about Colorado's marijuana tourism after the passage of Amendment 64.

"This is one of the only places really in the world that the government has said it is okay for adults to use cannabis like they do alcohol and we're here to provide a safe, fun environment where somebody can have a great Colorado vacation," said Brown.

My 420 Tours sends cannabis tour guides to pick up marijuana tourists in limousines at the airport, taking them to visit pot dispensaries, commercial growing operations and a cannabis cooking class. It's the first marijuana-themed touring operation in the United States.

According to Business Insider, the tours sold out almost immediately this year for the April 20th weekend.

But one of the show's doctors, Dr. James Sears, had more pressing questions for Brown.

"So on these tours do you serve munchies?"

To which Brown responded, "There will definitely be some snacks and there are some great restaurants in Denver."

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