My Advice for This Year's Elections

Let's pretend the Repubs are right, as are most Democratsthe media, when they insist that the election was legitimate. Fine. We're going to give them.
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Alright, let's pretend, just for the sake of argument, that the Repubs are right, as are most Democrats and the media, when they insist that the election was legitimate. Fine.

We're going to give them one more chance to hold elections that are credible. We're going to throw ourselves into this next election, getting out as many voters as we can. The turn-out will be huge, especially by the standard of off-year elections. Americans will come out to vote, in part, as a way to take a stand on behalf of free and fair elections.

No early voting, and as little absentee voting as possible. The point here is to have a massive turn-out on Election Day.

We'll not only work to boost the turn-out, but we also plan to monitor this thing with an unprecedented thoroughness. We're going to watch the polls, and watch them count the votes. We're going to keep track of every wrong or merely screwy incident, every startling trend, every weird anomaly. We're also going to pay close heed to all the relevant statistics: newspaper polls, independent exit polls (we cannot trust the NEP) and so on.

And so, when the Repubs win yet again, surprisingly maintaining their control of Congress, notwithstanding their subterranean approval ratings, we will be prepared to note all the anomalies and improprieties -- and, at long last, to SAY NO. As this will have been the fourth election cycle ravaged by Bush/Cheney since 2000, Americans must finally go Ukrainian, and just refuse to acknowledge BushCo's latest "win."

Where that may take us I can't say. But it is something that, it seems to me, we have to do, or else we don't deserve to call ourselves the citizens of a republic.

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