My Apology To All The Single Moms That Came Before Me

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I am a single Mom, and I have been for 8 years now. It probably took me longer than it should have, but I need to apologize to all the single Moms that have come before me.

Growing up and to this day, I always had my parents together. My circle of friends did not fit into that statistic of “50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.”

Single Moms were somewhat of a foreign concept to me until I become one myself. And truth be told, what I did know or perceived to know about them was not in a kind light.

And when I became I single parent myself, I struggled and still do sometimes struggle with the stigma that is attached to single moms. But I have learned so much these past years about what it really takes to be a single Mom and I am in awe of the other moms out there.

I only have one little one to look after and I am astounded sometimes how some Moms manage with two or three or more.

We don’t let our kids run around with dirty face and clothes, all kids do. It’s the nature of their beast. And those kids having complete meltdown in the middle of the grocery store… they belong to ANY Mom. Your marital status has NOTHING to do with it. We love our kids just as much as any other mother and would do anything to protect them.

And truth be told, some of the single Moms that I know are the most organized, hardworking women… and pardon my language but these ladies have their shit together.

So I need to profusely apologize to all those times I made the assumptions, I agreed with all those stereotypes and down and outright judged you. Being a single Mom doesn’t make you any less worthy than those Moms that have the house with the white picket fence life.

We have just an amazing life; we just do it a little differently.

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