'My Best Friend's Wedding' Remake Series In The Works For ABC

Let's all "say a little prayer" it's good.

Julia Roberts' 1997 romantic comedy "My Best Friend's Wedding" had it all: unrequited love, Rupert Everett as Roberts' GBF, a musical number, and an ending that rejects Hollywood convention.

Someone over at ABC must be feeling nostalgic because The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the network has ordered a script from the movie's original writer Ron Bass and Jessica Amento to be produced as a single-camera half-hour comedy. This modern update won't necessarily be a reboot. per se. and will instead serve as a sequel.

The series picks up where we last left Roberts' character Julianne Potter, a restaurant critic with a rocky romantic track record, who lives in New York City with her friend and sometimes fiancé George. In case you need a refresher course, here's movie's closing scene. Note Roberts' stunning dress, which we need in every color. 

"My Best Friend's Wedding" has not only proved to be popular among American audiences, but has also developed a considerable international following. Columbia Pictures and China Film Co. have started filming a Chinese language version that is slated to be released in China in time for Valentine’s Day 2016. 

The ABC series is far from the only remake on the horizon for the upcoming TV season. The CW is planning on adapting "The Notebook" and "Friday the 13th" for TV audiences, while CBS has its hands on reboots for "Nancy Drew," "MacGyver," and "Training Day."


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