A Palette for Activism in the Arts and a Call for Action

I have lived an unusual life made up of unique and powerful moments and experiences that provide a window into my varied passionate areas of interest. These interests are currently centered on global social activism and exploring how art and culture can be a catalyst for change in our societies.

The level of access and experience I have been given through having had the advantage and opportunity of growing up with highly ambitious and successful role models has led me into unique circumstances and possibilities. This has inspired me to contribute to projects in ways that will make a difference. In particular, my father's influence as a global entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary encouraged me early on to travel the world and to learn, participate and live in other cultures, all of which has made me a truly global citizen.

My life has been enriched by many incredibly smart and powerful people that interacted with our family. There were Presidents, dignitaries, heads of state, faith leaders and entertainment personalities whose ongoing presence impacted my life. Many of these individuals, ideas and issues in addition to my own personal journey have helped to frame who I am today.

Having an in-depth perspective on these experiences has definitely had an impact on my present work and will continue to influence my future endeavors. Now with decades of experience around politics, film, theater and culture, the connection between my passions, work and varied background have intersected and shape my current vision, serving as a window into how I view creativity as a catalyst for action and change. As both an activist and a supporter and collaborator in the arts, my efforts now are to continue to build bridges and cross pollinate among the spheres of politics, business and culture through the lens of a creative vision.

Within the world of art and activism, there is an important blend of global leadership, community grass roots initiatives, calculated risks and creativity and combining these elements in constructive ways can contribute much to the future of our societies.
Through determination, compassion and commitment, bold activists have succeeded in challenging the status quo on human rights, education, faith and economic equality. They have taught us that the way we see the world is directly connected to how we choose to impact it. In this perspective lies the influencing role art activism can play to break down silos and empower social change movements.

Through my own experience, I have developed an ongoing working knowledge about what can be possible when the arts and political activism intersect. My work in media, politics, international exhibitions and interfaith conferences have all been influenced by the principles of creativity, innovation and inspired education and awareness.

In this column, I intend to initiate conversations that are both challenging and provocative. I feel a responsibility to share what I've discovered and experienced and the unique perspective that I have developed through my journey as a performer, collaborator in the arts and media and more recently as an activist and facilitator of these two important social and cultural touchpoints. My objective is to share my experiences in order to help dissolve barriers of thought and to use dialogue as a means of creating and expanding possibilities for change.

I will highlight areas and initiatives where these topics come together and encourage others to use their talents and passion to do the same. Like any artistic collaboration, the goal is to develop realistic objectives and to create and share something significant that will provide inspiration and momentum for others to create goals and designs for a better future. I welcome your thoughts and ideas.