My Boy, My Eyes

Sometimes, education is all about being still and thinking hard about a topic. Sometimes it is about observing others who demonstrate a new concept. Then, there are those times when it is all about diving in, digging one's soul into the energetic discovery of inquiry, abundance, and exploration. Learning to work with a new guide dog involves all of this, but the first few days of that partnership heavily lean toward the latter. So without further delay, let me introduce the partner with whom I am currently exploring a whole new world.

Nacho is a soft, squishy, thoughtful yellow lab. He was chosen for me because he walks my pace, because he displays an uncannily steady demeanor, and because his puppy raiser was a teacher. Not part of the matching process but a delightful spicy bonus, he finds commands to be a playful challenge, he already looks up at me frequently while we are working to see if I am OK, and he gives enormous lab kisses, otherwise known as face-cleaning, slobber-splattering, giggle-inducing facial baths! I will share much more about this boy in coming posts, but I want to make this his concise, here-you-go introduction so will stop here. Nacho, my deliciously wonderful new friend, your name makes me smile and our journey ahead makes me smile. Here we go...together