My Boyfriend Is Quite Kooky And I'm Ok With That

I wouldn't change my boyfriend's odd and strange habits for the world. He's a bit off his rocker at times when he makes strange noises and licks my face, but hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. Dating a guy who isn't afraid to be a little weird is quite wonderful because it shows he's not afraid to show his true self.

Most of us have a little kid inside just waiting to emerge when we're comfortable with our significant other. In the beginning, he's wasn't as strange as he is now. Or, maybe he was and just didn't show it because he feared it would scare me off. Regardless, I know he'll make a great father because I can be silly and goofy at times. I wouldn't want to date a dry and serious guy because then life would be boring. And, heck if I was just one dimension all the time, I wouldn't even want to date myself. Therefore, when he's silly, I often give him these looks and he starts giggling. I would say I broke my boyfriend's shell because for the longest time, he told me he didn't smile or laugh.

I remember in the very beginning of our relationship he said, "oh, you're going to show me how to finally have fun, huh?" My first thought was, "this guy never has a good chuckle?" I felt bad for him, so I invited him into my world. And, no, don't think I'm dating him because I feel sorry for him. He's completely different now that I brought out his fun-side.

Unless he felt really comfortable with you, he'd never do his animated "voices" because you'd probably think he's odd right off the bat, so he chooses to do so with me. He also does this licking noise with his tongue. And, he's not ashamed to fart in front of me either.

So, to conclude, dating a weirdo is much better than seeing a guy who never laughs or makes funny noises. Life is about having fun, so why not be silly once in a while?