My Cat Is My Role Model

09/24/2014 04:58pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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My cat, or rather daughter, is the most beautiful creature on the planet. Her name is Moo, and she is my role model.

She is so calm and chill all the time. No, let me rephrase that; she's calm and chill all the time except when she's excited and playful. The only time she's not relaxed is when she's having fun. She adapts to everything -- other animals, new people, changes in her environment -- without a stress in the world. She's not really scared of anything; thunderstorms don't phase her, the vacuum cleaner hardly provokes her. She just takes it all in stride. I want to be like her.


I also love her deeply. She provides me much peace and comfort that is much-needed. She constantly lays on my chest and purrs deeply. Sometimes, she massages my tummy, which is almost always hurting or feeling funky. When I'm in a real bad slump, she knows that I need her and will not leave my side. Actually, she tends to follow me around the house regardless of a slump or not. She sits on my lap in the morning when I poo. Our love is uncanny and mutual. 2014-09-16-MooProtector.jpg

I'm not kidding when I say that she's magical. When I adopted her from the Humane Society, I had no idea she was hypo-allergenic. It was if the Universe knew that down the road my fiance and step-son would be allergic to cats and made Moo hypo. Anyone who has cat allergies and comes to our house feels no physical symptoms around her.

She's incredibly beautiful and luxurious. She has the softest, silkiest medium-length fur that barely sheds. She's mostly black with four white socks and a white belly. She has the longest white whiskers that I call "mad scientist" whiskers. She has the brightest biggest green eyes that penetrate my soul. She and I are connected; I truly believe that.

Moo is an unconventional kitty cat. She's incredibly affectionate and snuggles with everyone. When I have hair clients, she enjoys sitting on their laps while they're in my chair. She also loves music; it was if she was made for our home. Anytime, my fiance plays the guitar or I play the piano, she's right by us, rubbing up against us and listening. She has so much love to give. I have so much love to give her back.

I love so much about her, but one of the things I admire most is that she has the strongest personality I've ever seen. She's her own unique self and is proud of it. She's confident; she knows how beautiful she is. She's hilarious and is always cracking us up. She doesn't make her choices based on what others want her to do, yet she's so generous with her time and love. She has many endearing nicknames in this house, and she responds to all of them. She's the Moozy-bop-bop-mommy-boopidee-bop-mama, and she's my protector, my best friend, my daughter, my inspiration, and my light.


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