My Child Is There -- My Child Is Fighting Now

This piece originally appeared, in Hebrew, on The author is Rina Sharon.

My child is fighting now, right now.

At this moment, at night when I was trying to sleep and during the day when I go to a meeting... He is there.

Protecting my home, our home.

What does he see, what decisions does he have to make, such that may change his life and his soldiers' lives... Already several days.

And I have heard nothing from him.

And I don't breath, and my body is exhausted, and there is a tear that keeps running down.

Where is he, my prince??

I have no idea.

And I understand that he does not call because he is in the middle, the middle of the mission that he was sent to do, and I trust him,


He is a professional.

He will do all that he can to complete all his missions the best way possible, and will safeguard his soldiers and himself as best he can, and I am with my head held up high, and functioning -- because this is my mission, and I know -- that he is certain that this is what we are doing here.

So I keep busy -- keeping myself busy with being busy, I haven't a dull moment. All the days I gather parcels for the soldiers. I do mothers' summer camp (those sweeties that sit in my house and decorate hats of the princesses' summer camp are exactly what is needed), meetings, work, house.

The linen closet is tidied up, The towels closet is tidied up, I have broomed the floor and washed it so many times this week (thanks to the children on holiday this can keep me busy every hour again and again...).

I don't have any patience for the laundry though, but also in this front everything is already folded. And I am optimistic -- and fighting my own thoughts -- those bad ones, that invade me without permission, so much so that I found myself sitting up in my bed at night every half an hours saying -- he is alright, he is alive, he is alright, he is alive, he is alright ,he is alive.

And imagine him at his wedding under his Chupa standing, well and in one piece, charming and excited -- Wow this will be so moving. (No, he does not have a girlfriend but this, rather, does not worry me at all).

And it is alright to cry -- and I do cry, in truth the tears do not ask my permission at all and they run down even in the middle. And that is alright too, I let go.

And I pray, I talk to Him that is high in the heavens, we converse freely and with flow all year long so I know the way to His door that is always open to me. And I know that he is safeguarding my prince.

And at this moment, at this instant, my child is fighting.

So give the one beside you a kiss. Give a kiss to each one of your children. And also my kiss reaches my prince now,

And I whisper to him -- my darling, complete your mission and call me, alright?

Rina Sharon is a full-time mother of five -- three adult boys and two young girls -- a sister, a friend, a daughter. She is also a writer, a coach and a jewelry designer. She lives in Israel with her family.

Translation from Hebrew: Shmuel Pfeifel