My Confession and Plea

I have a dirty little secret.

I have worn a mink coat. I thought it was a symbol of glamour and signified success. I was a fool. Fur is not a fashion statement. In fact, it signifies extreme cruelty! Did you know millions of animals are killed each year by drowning, trapping, and beating? Imagine if that happened to your pet? Each day, in order to kill the animals without damaging the fur, trappers strangle, gas, or electrocute them one by one. These methods are not 100 percent effective and, as terrifying as it may be, often animals wake up while being skinned alive! This practice must stop, and I believe Los Angeles can be the place where that message is heard loud and clear!

Los Angeles Fashion Week heads to California again this week with designers, stylists, celebrities, media, and models from around the world converging on our beautiful city to show what's hot in fashion. Unfortunately, many of the looks on the runway and at endless social events will include fur coats, and fur trim.

Fashion designers, models, and celebrities, you have a voice louder than you may even realize. My challenge to you: please stop promoting and wearing real fur. By continuing to wear fur, you send a message that these senseless, brutal killings are okay.

As you showcase your talent here this week, remember: together we can be leaders of this important revolution. Together we hold the power to spread the word to the world that wearing dead animal fur is not appropriate. You can be the industry that makes a difference starting here, this week, in the city of Angels.

Recently, I stumbled upon a disturbing video that shows in detail what these beautiful creatures have to suffer through in the name of fashion. I was appalled. I was shocked. I was crippled emotionally. Before you make up your mind, see if you can watch the video clip without turning your head in disgust.

Today, I know I can't be silent anymore. The world needs to know.

To view the clip, log onto

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