My Constant Battle With 'Stomach Issues'

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It's not fair. It's just not fair. I cannot delight in the finer things in life like cheese, chocolate or ice cream. For the longest time, I haven't been able to consume dairy products because I believe I'm lactose intolerant.

In high school, I noticed I began feeling ill whenever I ate doritos or cheese-related products. My stomach could curdle and make a loud and obnoxious noise leaving me feel embarrassed whenever the room was silent. I would look around at other people hoping they wouldn't notice, but it was high school and people were still immature, so they'd give me a weird look. But, I'd just shrug it off.

As the years went by, it got worse. Not only did cheese bother me, random foods started to effect my stomach as well such as spaghetti sauce, apples, bananas, blueberries and even coffee. I felt frustrated, so I went to see a gastroenterologist, who tested me for IBS and celiac disease, but they both came out negative. But, later, they told me I had a mild case of IBS and "might be" lactose intolerant.

Later on, they found out I had a cyst in one of my ovaries, so they thought that might be it. Once it was out, nothing changed, I still felt the same about cheese.

Again, I was left staying away from those foods, but it didn't always occur when I consumed those foods. It started happening to foods you wouldn't think would bother me like pancakes, waffles, etc.

Also, my stomach was horrible whenever I went out to eat, but no one ever explained why. I just didn't get it. And, after I hadn't eaten for a certain period of time-- say like 6-7 hours-- and I finally ate, my stomach would be out of whack. By this, I mean, my stomach would tell me to "use the restroom immediately."

I chose to get a second opinion, but she just prescribed me this IBS medication and tested me for a stomach infection, which came back negative. Test after test after test, it remained the same. So, I'm still stick in the same damn predicament as I was before. Will they nightmare ever end?