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'My Crazy Obsession' Season Finale: Melanie Loves Her 100-Pound Pet Rodent (VIDEO)

The accompanying photo may look like an optical illusion, or a Photoshop job, but it's not. That's Melanie Typaldos and her 100-pound pet capybara Gary, featured on the season finale of "My Crazy Obsession" (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on TLC). Capybaras are the largest of all rodents,

Melanie admitted to being obsessed with Gary, spending upwards of 80% of her time with the animal. And she wanted to get even closer to him, bringing in an animal medium so she could communicate more directly with him. Her plan to bring Gary even closer to her was to start sharing her bed with him. Apparently, the plan worked as the episode, and the season, closed with Gary and Melanie sitting side by side on her bed, getting ready to watch some television.

Probably tuning in to "My Crazy Obsession" to check out all those wacky people on there.

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