My Dad's Sex Life

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You know what's kind of weird? When your dad writes a book called Kama Sutra. When he talks about the "big bang" and about "sexual energy being the primordial force of the Universe." Eww gross.

Oh, and you know what's even worse? Being the quasi-publisher/editor of said book. Having to comb through the tome, page by page, image by image (it's illustrated!) and curate the whole thing. Yep - welcome to my world.
Here's the backstory. About five years ago, along with some friends, I launched a publishing company that's mission was to mine the creative potential of India and bring elements from its vast mythological archive to the world. We built a studio of artists and writers, nurtured them and their imaginations and produced material in the form of comic books, graphic novels, and illustrated books. One of our first efforts was to grab the low hanging fruit - some of India's icons within our immediate reach and make some waves. In other words, utilize one of India's most celebrated minds (dear old dad) and have him produce his take on one of India's most celebrated ideas - the Kama Sutra. Beyond that, we'd add our resource - the incredible and talented artists in our Bangalore based studio - and create something special and perennial. The plan's hitch? I'd have to be intimately involved - pun intended - to bring this baby out to the world.

In the interest of building a company, I did it and we created the book. And while I am admittedly biased, we nailed it (okay no pun intended, but I'm keeping that anyway). Our Kama Sutra book really came out beautiful and Heavy D really delivered in the sense of making sure the book was far more than some sort of stylized sex guide. He even included a catchy section on the "Seven Spiritual Laws of Love."

Fast forward 5 years. We live in a whole Brave (digital) New World. Way back then, there was no such thing as digital devices, e-readers and other handheld gizmos for reading books. Now? If you're not packing an iPad, kindle, e-reader or other slick handheld, you're a dinosaur, dude.

That's why I'm excited that we're collaborating with Sony on an exclusive electronic version of my dad's Kama Sutra. You can find it here ( and if you use the password SEVENLAWS, you'll get an additional $5 dollars off. Full disclosure: I won't be ordering or browsing through the electronic pages. For I've had my fill of sex with my father (pun most certainly intended).

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