My Daily Vibe: Feed Your Faith Not Your Fear

My Daily Vibe: Feed Your Faith Not Your Fear
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Fear is the most debilitating emotion there is and every one of us can live a life without fear. Majority of people are in fear of being late, losing their jobs, paying their bills, getting sick and the list goes on.

But actually what is fear? Why do we open the door to fear and invite it right in? Why do we nourish it, support it, feed it and yet at the same time despise it? Why do we fear the 'fear'? Why do we constantly think about it, speak about it, and spread it around?

Fear has become the dominant force in consciousness. Metaphorically speaking, it has become the president of your consciousness responsible to leading and guiding you towards the negative instead of the positive.

No doubt fear serves a purpose when there is imminent danger, but not for living our lives and trying to become the best that we can be. We fear spreading our wings, we fear applying for the job we really want, we fear taking the trip, we fear going back to school to upgrade our skills, we fear speaking up for fear of being ridiculed, etc. These desires come from the soul and they come to expand our sense of self, they are not to be feared.

Since most of our fears are learned from others we rarely, if ever, question their origins. So the next time your desires urge you to take a step toward greater possibilities and fear kicks in...STOP...and ask yourself...who is fearful? Who and what within you is fearful? Whose voice within you is making you afraid? Investigate it, inquire, ask, explore and discover if it's really you who is afraid or is it the fear of others you have internalized and allowed to influence your outlook. When the fear of others translates into the voices inside your head, you lose not only who you are, but who you're meant to be.

In truth, your real essence is fearless and fear at its core is LACK OF FAITH in yourself and the universe. Faith eliminates fear. When you walk in the world with FAITH that whenever you spread your wings, apply yourself, go after what you want that the universe will provide, guide and lead you to greatness - you will triumph in ways unimaginable to you now.

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