My Daughter Taught Me How To Deal With Pain

Being the mother of a toddler is definitely a roller coaster ride. It's an experience that cannot be put into words and cannot be bought with a price. You just have to experience it.

A few weeks ago my one year old (who is going on 10 lol) came to me after school with a huge bandaid on her elbow. As a mom, I panicked. What happened? Why hadn't her teacher told me about this? Is she okay? Thousands of questions came to my mind and then I paused. I took the time to ask my one year old what happened. Her response was simple: "ouchie, it hurts. kiss it." As I unraveled the bandaid I noticed that yes, in fact there was a huge scar and yes it probably hurt, but I followed her directions. I kissed it and in her mind that made it better.

As time progressed my daughter and I went through the same process every day. She would tell me her elbow hurt and I would kiss it while also patching up her wound. After a few weeks of this process I began to notice that the scar was gone; however, my daughter still wanted me to kiss this "ouchie" that was no longer present.

One day after a busy day of work she came to me with her favorite saying: "mommy ouchie" as she pointed to where the scar used to be. " The scar is no longer there sweetie, what is mommy kissing?" and in the most innocent voice she simply said "kiss it, it hurts." So I kissed it and as her face lit up she instantly said "all better."

That last moment with my daughter taught me so much about life and the power of pain. You see we all have or have had scars before but if you've lived long enough you begin to recognize that even when the scars disappear the pain can still remain. Just because the funeral is over doesn't mean the grieving is too, just because the breakup happened doesn't mean heartbreak won't exist, just because the rapist was convicted doesn't mean your free from the pain. Life still hurts and sometimes it hurts pretty darn bad but I think we can all take a lesson from my daughter.

My daughter knew her scar was gone but knew she could always take her pain to her mommy and that I could make it all better. As adults, we know an even better doctor and his name is Jesus Christ. So when we hurt even after the scars are gone we can take our pain to him. He may not heal it instantly but he will make it all better.

Isaiah 53 tells us that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

He suffered badly on the cross for us just so we could come to him with our "ouchies". So today if you're faced with the pain of a scar that's no longer there don't beat yourself up about it. Don't tell yourself that just because the scar is gone the pain should leave too. Just take it to Jesus. Let him make it better. I encourage you to remember: tough times don't last, tough people do. Embrace your healing today it's a part of the process and I promise you will be better for it. Keep pushing.