My Dog Is Trying to Kill Me!

Yes, it's true. My loving seven-month-old pup, the one I feed, walk, pet, play with, and enjoy is trying to kill me.

Last week, as I was walking down the stairs, he darted out in front of me and I almost missed my step. I narrowly grabbed the handrail to keep myself from plummeting down to the main floor. I had a few bruises on my shins.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning my house, he ran in front of me. I fell face first into my dining room chairs. I put my hand out to break my fall and now I have a huge bruise on my hand.

This evening, I was taking him out for his evening stroll with my son. We walked wonderfully until we came upon what I call "Devil's Stretch." This is an ordinary stretch of land -- about two blocks long. On one side of the street are typical suburban homes, on the other is a park. Well when hubby or son are walking the dog along this stretch, he behaves beautifully. However, when I'm holding the leash... HE GOES NUTS! He pulls away, bites the leash, growls at me, and barks up a storm. He runs back and forth yanking me and the leash with him. Then, once the stretch is over, he goes back to calmly walking beside me... weird!

Well, this evening, I had the leash as pup, son and I went by Devil's Stretch. Pup started up as per usual, but, he now weighs over 45 pounds! He started running back and forth, turning somersaults in the air (quite the agile puppy!). At one point, he ran behind me and yanked my left arm straight out behind me. Then he jumped up so my arm went up. He then yanked back and I fell, on my left side, right into the muddy grass in the park. He then must have seen a squirrel or something, because he kept on running until I was completely flat, face first in the mud, with my arm stretched out straight out in front of me.

It took me a few minutes to roll over and get my bearings. I was covered in mud on my left side. It was a miracle that I had never let go of the leash. I looked up at my son and asked him if he was planning on helping me. He told me he would, as soon as he stopped laughing!

So there you have it... pup throws me down stairs... he flings me into chairs, and he drags me through mud. When I walk him tomorrow, as a precaution, I'll wear my son's hockey helmet!

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