'My Drunk Kitchen' Star Hannah Hart's Guide to Cocktail Mixing

YouTube famous "My Drunk Kitchen" chef Hannah Hart joined What's Trending for an interview while mixing and sampling her favorite cocktails.

While the show starts off with a straightforward Whiskey Ginger, our resident mixologist proceeds to get really creative by serving up her original Jar-garitas and even concocting a special "What's Trending" cocktail! (It's a tasty mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale and vodka.)

Sipping as she goes, Hannah gives us a peek at how the Harto empire is expanding by teasing that she's working on a scripted web series for the first time ever and even putting together an MDK Season 1 DVD with the Green Brothers. She'll also be in Brooklyn this October to do some live comedy shows and even (possibly?!) record a Christmas album! You know you've been craving more of her musical talents.

Speaking of which, Hannah rises to the challenge of performing live and serenades us with her on-the-spot, original What's Trending theme song, which should go perfectly with the newly patenting WT cocktail.

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