My Exit


My exit wasn't an exit
My exit was a retreat within my soul
My exit was the reconnection with the stillness within my heart
A road to reflection
And the reflection of the road within
May be I pushed too hard
May be I was rigid, unforgiving
May be I was harsh
May be we both were at times
May be part of me was cleansing
And in the process of cleansing
I forgot the purest part within the part that needed cleansing
That flickering pure shining light within my soul
Within your soul
Within the soul of the almighty Universe
May be I just forgot about the soul
May be you forgot about the soul too
May be we just both got lost
In our search for proof
Of pure connection
May be we just got lost and confused
Within each other's souls
Within the souls of others....
I place my hand just above my heart now
I say a prayer and I find my place of truth
I say a prayer
I find forgiveness
For you,
For me
For us
For the almighty Universe
For all the orbits that were left uncrossed
For all the birds' songs that were left unsung
For all the butterflies that are yet to be reborn
For the dancers, the musicians and the poets of my song...
May eternity engrave those words in our hearts forever....