My Favorite Compliment -- And A Love Letter To My Daughter

Just recently, I received the best compliment I have ever received.

If you have read my writing before, you already know that I am a huge fan of compliments. I believe in giving them honestly and freely. I believe in receiving them with trust and graciousness. Just recently, I received the best compliment I have ever received.

My daughter Luna is 10 years old and during an essay test she was asked “Who do you admire most and why?” My daughter responded by writing an essay about me. Here is what it said:

“I most admire my mom. She is funny, smart, pretty and she is very nice. My mom is a CEO, she is a writer and she is the owner of a company. I would like to be an author too when I am an adult. I think my mom is funny because she tells funny jokes and always tries to make me laugh. My mom is nice because she is polite and because she donates a lot to goodwill.

My mom likes to work a lot and she works very hard so that we can go on trips, have a nice house, have a well trained good dog and on making sure that we are safe and happy. Sometimes I get mad at my mom when she punishes me (it does not happen often) but later I realise that it is usually for a good reason like lying or being mean.

I love and admire my mom, and that is why.”

I choked back the tears as best I could (pretty unsuccessfully) in front of my husband and the teacher when she shared that paper with me. My hands were trembling when she handed me my copy, as she mentioned that teachers don’t usually share these with the parents- but in this case she couldn’t resist.

My daughter never knew I was going to read her thoughts, and that made her words even more powerful to me. She hadn’t painted our relationship as perfect, and this doubled my belief in her sweet words ― because what relationship is perfect?

I will treasure this paper till I die, and I’m going to add it to the compliments I have written down on slips of paper to read when I need encouragement.

Often, compliments are made more special because of the love you have for the giver. My daughter is 10 years old and her teenage years are near. I’m sure that soon there will be times when Luna won’t have many nice things to say about me.

But for this precious moment she thinks I am very close to perfect, and I treasure it. I recognize that her job over the next 8 years will be to grow into her own independence. She may soon grow to see her peers as a stronger network than her family; but for this moment, she admires me. What a gift I have been given!

It is my turn to write my essay entitled ― Why I Love My Daughter

Why I Love My Daughter

by Eve Mayer

I love my daughter Luna because our love for each other is pure. Luna is a weirdo like me, and we are twisted in intertwining ways. She is a brilliant, beautiful, lanky, kind, abrupt, clumsy, innocent, charming, vocal, opinionated, inquisitive, empathetic, hilarious, creative genius. I love her with every fiber of my soul and being. I miss her when she isn’t around. She also drives me crazy sometimes.

We also couldn’t be more different. Ten years ago I thought I was pregnant with a boy, and she pleasantly surprised me. I predicted my beautiful girl would have big curly hair like me, and she had one strand of pencil-straight hair. I try to spoil my child with Disney trips (which I love), but she is not a fan. My daughter could spend hours creatively making things, and I am terrified of crafts. I named my daughter Mia and she told me at 2 years old how much she disliked the name. I thought it was a phase, but that “phase” lasted 8 years. So now, my daughter has the name she has chosen for herself ― Luna. She is my moon, and she glows with love and laughter.

In all of the trying and wonderful times during the past 10 years, one thing is constant ― Luna. She is my partner in crime, my daughter, my friend, my vulnerability, my heart and my smile.

She has the best jokes and makes me laugh harder than anyone. I love my daughter more than my mere words can ever describe.

I have apparently inspired my daughter, because when I asked her permission to reprint her essay, she consented mostly so she could be published in Huffington Post at the age of 10. So please give credits for the above essay to Luna Orsburn, a budding new author!

What is the best compliment you have ever received, and why was it magical? I want to encourage you to start writing down every compliment you receive on a slip of paper and keep it safe with your other treasures.

Or even better, write a love letter to your child and share it with them.