My Fellow Entrepreneurs, You Have A Responsibility

People holding up a globe
People holding up a globe

To all of My Fellow Entrepreneur Friends:

I can feel the discomfort you have, you want to stay neutral. You want to stay away from the "negativity" of the world. You want to stay "high vibe." Week after week we experience tragedies in our country so I know it can be exhausting to give your energy to these tragedies.

But let me share something with you, we the people are you customers. When you don't acknowledge the injustices that occur each day, it makes us question your values. When you continue to market to us without a mention of the lives being lost, it makes us feel like the concepts you are teaching aren't being put into practice.

You not wanting to get involved is no longer an acceptable reason to stay silent. We want to know what you stand for. And please don't tell me Facebook isn't the place because you use it each day to spread your message far and wide.

The cognitive dissonance is palpable when it comes to coaches, mentors, intuitives, and healers. Being positive doesn't solve our world's issues. Staying silent so as not to rock the boat or lose potential customers won't resolve our systemic problems.

Silence isn't professionalism. Silence is a lack of action, a lack of using the very voice you have cultivated to "change the world." You can't assert you are working on expanding the collective consciousness of the world without also decrying the injustices of the world. You can't pretend they don't exist. We are watching, and while those memes about following your dreams can be powerful, we need to hear your voice. You cannot live in a bubble and act like these tragedies are not occurring all around you.

I know injustice is difficult. You may not know what to do, I know I don't. But staying silent isn't the answer. I know you may want to conserve your energy but please recognize so many of your fellow Americans don't have that luxury. They don't have the luxury of conserving their energy because each time they step outside they are in fear of being killed because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or gender identification.

I'm asking you, please do not stay silent. We need you. You have a voice. You have a social responsibility to use that voice to call out the injustices of the world, otherwise the message you are sending is that it is acceptable to you. As an entrepreneur, you have a responsibility to use your platform to call for change.

We need you.