My First Time Sleeping -- And Falling In Love -- With Another Woman

"Do you want me to kiss you?"

Sometimes, the path to falling in love takes a beautiful, wholly unexpected turn.

In the Glamour magazine video above, a woman named Lindsey discusses how she slowly fell in love with another woman, even though she never expected to be in a same-sex relationship.

As Lindsey explains it, her game plan as an 18-year-old new college student was simple: Hook up with boys ― lots of them. The one thing she hadn’t planned for? Falling in love with her “chipper,” almost annoyingly nice roommate, a girl also named Lindsay.

“[We started] hooking up in secret, still totally convinced that we were both straight: we were just best friends, this is totally just what best friends did,” Lindsey says she told herself. “But long story short: We’re still roommates and best friends today ― we’re also in a relationship.”

Hear how the story unfolds in the video above.

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