My 5 Demands to Reinstate the Next Debate

I am disappointed to announce that I have been forced to withdraw from Monday's final Republican debate, due to an important speech I will be making before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Unfortunately, there's no way to change this. AIPAC says Monday is the best night for them, although they could have also done Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or, in their words, "any time, we're completely flexible."

Withdrawing from a Fox News debate is not a decision I take lightly. But, as I've said all along, the one thing I ask from any media organization is respect. Despite my impressive record of wins in state after state, Fox News has repeatedly failed to show me the respect I deserve. Things came to a head in the last Fox News debate when Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace all attempted to "fact-check" some of my past statements and claims. This is not the kind of treatment I expect when I appear, in good faith, on a comedy channel.

I understand that many of my supporters, including Matt Drudge, are upset that the debate has been cancelled because of my scheduling conflict, especially as the Drudge post-debate poll was already programmed to show I won impressively.

I also know there are haters and losers saying I'm running scared of debating Lying Ted Cruz now that Little Marco is no longer on the stage.

The truth is I would love to debate Ted Cruz and John Kasich. And I hereby pledge to appear in the debate in Salt Lake City next Monday night if Fox News agrees to these five very reasonable demands:

  1. Every candidate to be introduced with their full name and place of birth. Example: Rafael Cruz, Jr. from Calgary, Canada.

  • Megyn Kelly to read aloud a list of all the states each candidate has won and declare that "Donald J. Trump is not just winning, but winning by a HUGE margin."
  • There shall be no questions about Trump University's current Better Business Bureau rating.
  • All assault charges against my campaign manager must be dropped immediately.
  • In place of one commercial break, candidates' wives to compete in a swimsuit competition hosted by Tyra Banks to crown America's Next First Lady.
  • As you can see, these demands are entirely reasonable and most of them will also make terrific television. I look forward to a positive response from Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. If not, I'll be at AIPAC Monday night and getting my regular shoulder rub from Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe on Tuesday morning.