MY FRIENDS 🎸Trae Pierce & the T-Stones 🎼

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photo by Igor Stojanović

Are you lonely? Is the room too quiet? Get ‘My Friends’!

‘My Friends’ is the latest brand new single from Trae Pierce & the T-Stones.

Trae Pierce and his son Rae are the heart and soul of one reliably phenomenal group called Trae Pierce & the T-Stones.

The other regular members of the band are primarily made up of drummer Gordon ‘G’ Rogers and bass player Charon Freeman who calmly and thrashingly bring down the house everywhere they play.

Others come and go as Trae refines his sound. This band is coalescing and over the years the harmony amplifies until, as anyone could have predicted, they only get better. They are soaring now!

Their voices are powerful yet angelic, their music is fast and raucous and yet sophisticated. They have something to say and they sing it so well.

Please listen! New single song ‘My Friends’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

Thank you Trae and Rae Pierce and your glorious band of musical beasts for filling the air with magic. Key West LOVES YOU and we are grateful to be Your Friends!

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