To My Friends Who Voted For Trump: Can I Trust You?

Trump is everything that America should NOT be.
Hillary Clinton supporters react outside the White House in Washington during the US presidential election night on November
Hillary Clinton supporters react outside the White House in Washington during the US presidential election night on November 9, 2016.

As I woke up this morning to check on the news, I was appalled and disgusted. I’m openly admitting that I have cried over this devastating result. Trump marginalized immigrants, which I am. He marginalized Filipinos, which I am, by openly calling them “TERRORISTS.” He marginalized and disrespected women, which I am. THIS ELECTION WAS VERY PERSONAL. It’s about the identity of America. He’s divided the nation. He’s everything that America should NOT be. People who do not see this are in denial.

So, for my so-called friends who are supportive of this soon to be president of the United States, I have a few things to get off my chest that minorities, immigrants and women like myself are deeply perplexed about:

How can you reconcile voting for him and still look me in the eye and say you accept my color without judgment, support my being an immigrant, and disagree with him on labeling members of my ethnic group as terrorists?

Obviously, you realize I don’t trust you anymore. That smile at every gathering was suspicious after all. You gave me a ride once to go hiking and I enjoyed our conversation while all along you were secretly in support of all the nasty, bigoted remarks of your beloved Trump.

And if you happen to be an immigrant, a racial minority and/or a woman who voted for Trump, then I blame ignorance and denial. You ought to read more about the historical context of race and immigration in this country. It would also serve both of us better in the future for you to re-examine your views on women.

Know that you voted for him. I didn’t. Hence, I refuse to acknowledge this person as the leader of a country I have learned to call home as a first-generation immigrant. He’s not my president. He’s the monster you helped get to the White House.

No matter where this predicament takes us from here on, know that your president will never be privy to my definition of freedom nor will he have any power over my sense of self-worth and individuality. This is still America. Mine, not his or yours.

You see, this isn’t politics anymore. Your supporting him translates to you being “him” and encapsulating the ideologies above. As this election is very much connected to how we want to define the identity of this country moving forward, there’s no way you can disconnect yourself from this man after voting or supporting him. Oh no, it’s too late.

But because we’re friends I’ll leave you with an opportunity to express yourself and defy what I think of you, which naturally happens to be the same characteristics as your chosen leader - a racist, a bigot and a misogynist.

I know it’s uncomfortable for you to speak. I get that. Our friendship may even end, or not. But the thing is I can no longer take anymore of that questionable smile of yours. No, not anymore. So, please prove me wrong. I’m waiting.

I’m hoping.


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