Beloved Web Series 'My Gay Roommate' To Return As Comedy Pilot

They're back!

The LGBT web series “My Gay Roommate” is slated to return in the near future ― but not in the format you might be expecting.

If you’re just tuning in, “My Gay Roommate” was a long-running web series that chronicled the fictional adventures of a gay college student navigating the ups and downs of living with his straight roommate.

After taking a hiatus following the web series’ third season finale, creators Noam Ash and Austin Bening are launching a Kickstarter campaign to take this successful gay storyline to the next level: a full-scale 30-minute comedy pilot to hopefully be picked up by a major entertainment distributor.

“What is so special and compelling about the world of ‘My Gay Roommate’ is that it flips the social paradigm: being gay is not an issue, the football players are the underdogs while the a capella singers are the popular kids,” Ash told The Huffington Post. “The frat boys are the tame, rule-abiding students while the Women’s rugby team is the drug dealing muscle. In this way, the show moves past the cliche gay-best-friend-side-kick and homophobic-straight-man relationship we see so often. ‘My Gay Roommate’ presents a way of life that’s a little more 2016 ― where a gay guy and straight guy are just friends. Best friends.”

Beyond just the change to the show’s format, Ash and Bening are enlisting a star-studded cast for the new “My Gay Roommate,” including Scotty Dynamo and Andy Mientus.

Head here to check out the “My Gay Roommate” Kickstarter or here to watch the first three seasons.

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