Brilliant 'My Hitch' Gadget Lets You Wear Your Suitcase Like A Tail

Purrfect for travel. 🐱

Pulling a suitcase with your hands is hard.

That’s why there’s My Hitch, a brilliant plastic clip that lets you drag suitcases around the airport with your butt.

Just affix the simple gadget to your pants, attach your rolling suitcase, and cruise the airport with ease. It’s kind of like you have a tail -- now you know how cats feel!

The My Hitch luggage clip works best with suitcases under 25 pounds. It’s best to wear a belt while using it so your pants don’t fall down, Travel + Leisure warns. (And if you’re traveling in a dress, maybe make sure it’s a belted one.)

Airline pilot Robert Lian got the idea for My Hitch while waiting for a flight, he explains on the product’s website. The gadget makes those long airport walks much more comfortable, he added.

“I’ve walked 2-3 miles demonstrating my product around Miami Airport,” Lian writes. “If I wasn’t hungry, I could have walked more.”

My Hitch re”tails” for $17.95 online, plus the cost of shipping and a small ding to your dignity.

We’ll take four, please. Check out more My Hitch action in the video below:

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