My Interview with Lisa Sasevich: Part 1, From Wake Up Call to Inc 500!

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Lisa Sasevich. She is an amazing mentor to those wanting to learn to sell from the stage. Lisa has built her company from scratch to becoming a member of Inc Top 500! She shared such great information, that it takes two posts!

Like most people, Lisa went from college to corporate. Lisa found that she never lasted more than two years, always wanting to make things better. She always thought companies were lucky to have someone that cared so much. She soon learned that they wanted she to do things their way. Lisa needed to create her own place to be able to implement her ideas.

Lisa stated "I discovered that my ideas for better avenues were actually well received with many companies. From this insight, I ended up attending a class that taught women to understand men. This class really helped me. I became really passionate about this work! I started to use all the 'Mrs. Better Way' ideas. I became part of the team and growing this business that was doing a couple of $100,000 in sales to over a million dollars in sales and a few short years. I stayed with them until in year six, the owner decided she was going a different direction. The week of Christmas Eve, I received a devastating phone call. The work that I thought would be mine forever was gone. The truth is that I didn't own the company, I was a contributor.

When the owner of any business decides to sell, change hands, get a new team or go to a different direction, it is out of your control. I learned the harsh reality that no matter how passionate you are, how much you've given, you're still a wonderful contributor but don't really get to decide the future of that entity. "

I asked her how she truly felt. What did she do to motivate herself after she got the bad news?

Lisa explained, "I felt devastated. I would love to tell you that I had the immediate reaction of seeing the blessing in it, but as you know, it just doesn't work that way. Sometimes we have to go through our darkest night and really pull every part of our being forward. Sometimes we just are dangling on nothing but hope, and praying that it's going to lead to something good.

Fortunately, from many years of life experiences I have learned that if I stick with something and keep moving forward that God will have a chance, spirit will have a chance, source will have a chance, to guide me into where I'm supposed to be.

I realized that I had to face that spiritual knowing and I realized I couldn't see the whole picture. I knew it was just part of something that was happening. With that hope, I was able to move forward and put myself into learning situations so that I could open my mind as to what might be next for me. I also reinforce to people to remember that you can't see the whole picture at the moment.

It was evident to me that I couldn't see clearly in that devastating moment. I knew the next step was to put myself into new environments, new opportunities to learn, and new ways to get inspired. And in my life, the number one way I found to do that is to be in communities that are inspiring. I want to surround myself with people, whether it's mentors or colleagues, that are inspiring me in a certain area."

This was Lisa's wake-up call! It was time to really discover her million-dollar value. I call it Funky to Fabulous. For Lisa, it showed up for her as this thought: "What is the thing that I keep bringing to various companies?" For Lisa, it is to help them grow and to be successful. She started to explore her million-dollar value. Her "fabulous" turned out to be that she really has a gift . After 25 years of study on the field, Lisa knows: (1) How to inspire people to make a decision on the spot, (2) To have them choose yes or no for themselves and to take an action that ends up transforming their life in a particular area, and (3) How to teach entrepreneurs to get out there and make irresistible offers via what she calls "The Invisible Close."

Stay Tuned for Part 2: Lisa Sasevich: Listen, Act, Trust