My Investigation in Mississippi

My Investigation in Mississippi

I have a new two-part investigative series from Mississippi up at the HuffPost main site today.

The first part looks at the 15-year-old murder of Kathy Mabry, which was only solved last month thanks to two defense attorneys at the Mississippi Innocence Project. Mabry's brutal murder devastated the small Delta towns of Belzoni and Isola. It went unsolved because Steven Hayne and -- in this case, more importantly -- Michael West first led authorities to the wrong man. Mabry's killer went free, and went on to kill again. I've been investigating this forensics scandal in Mississippi for six years now, and this case shows that the victims aren't just the wrongly convicted, but the family of the people killed, the people who the real culprits go on to harm, and in this case, well-intentioned public officials, and even entire towns.

The second part is a comprehensive timeline of major events and notable cases covering the approximately 25 years that Hayne and West have operated in Mississippi.

Many, many thank yous to my HuffPost colleagues Sasha Belenky, Ann Bulter, Chris Spurlock, and Chris McGonigal for their help putting it all together.

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