My Larry Mass Problem

Based on lies, exaggerations, innuendo, and faulty memory, Larry Mass is trying to paint a Bulls-Eye on my Back and, perhaps, attempting to shame me into his little closet of paranoia. I am not entirely sure why he is doing this--or why he is doing this now, other than that this is a season in which vicious anger on both the right and the left has been unleashed. Here's one possible reason.

This man has been angry at me for more than four years.

While he praises me considerably in those areas where we share a common vision, he seems unable to tolerate someone whose views he admires on one issue daring to support or fight for gay rights in ways that differ from those of his own.

According to Dr. Larry there is only one way to be bi-sexual or gay. All other ways endanger him, personally. Being gay is central to his core identity. Who I slept with or sleep with is not central to mine. Case closed.

However, I must set the record straight.

I did not vote for Trump. I did not campaign for Trump. I did not tell other people to vote for Trump. When people ask me directly, something that Larry Mass has never done, I tell them the truth. I voted for Winston Churchill and Susan B. Anthony. It was a write-in vote. One hopes there is a record of it.

I introduced everyone who mattered to me at my birthday party. I certainly did not need any suggestions from Larry, a man I barely knew or know.

Erica Jong did not attend my birthday party.

Here is what may be bothering Larry.

Four or five year ago, Larry and I had a fight in my home. He was stung to the quick when he was challenged about whether gay men had or had not marched for abortion and against breast cancer (as opposed to straight and gay women who had marched against the AIDS plague when it was primarily affecting gay men.)

We also disagreed about whether women had not won our rights because we had not acted as the gay men of ACT UP had done—in physically aggressive “in your face,” kinds of ways. I told him that the gay male dollar won gay rights and that most women, gay or straight, did not have access to that same dollar.

As to whether my good feminist friends know that I publish at Israel-friendly and America-friendly sites: There is no need to wonder. Kate Millett, whom he profiles, knew that I wrote for conservative venues. And she understood why. I was quoting Kate’s own words to the Washington Post Obituary reporter about Kate's anguish and agony about being forced to “come out” as "bi-sexual" or "lesbian" when she was not ready to do so, or not ready to pay the consequences of doing so. Read her book, Flying which covers this and much more.

Please note: Larry Mass attacks ONLY women in his long screed—and thus, he is overly proud that he attended the recent Women’s March.

Larry may merely be seeking attention. This may be his personal Ax which he keeps grinding, his own private Inferno. He may be off his meds.

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