My Life At Age 27 Versus My Mom’s Life At 27

My mom at 27: Had a baby. Me at 27: Has a food baby.

Ever get the impression that your parents had sorted out all the important details of their lives (marriage, kids, homeownership) a lot sooner than you have at the same age?

You’re not alone. Millennials are waiting later to have kids, and when they do look to buy homes, they face a ton of affordability issues. Comparing your life now to your parents’ lives decades ago is like comparing apples to oranges.

Still, it’s interesting to see how things have changed. In The Scene video above, a mom and daughter review what they’d respectively achieved at the age of 27. It’s easily one of the most relatable things we’ve seen in a while.

Mom at 27: “I had my first child ― my son.”

Daughter at 27: “I have food babies when I eat burritos.”

And then there’s this exchange, about homeownership or lack thereof:

Mom at 27: “I had built a house at 23 and it’s the same home I still live in now. Four bedroom, four bathrooms, a finished basement, two car garage.”

Daughter at 27: “I rent an apartment where if I lie down I can touch every wall. I don’t have a closet.”

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