My Life is a Masterpiece

Royal Castle, Edinburgh Scotland.
Royal Castle, Edinburgh Scotland.

My life is a masterpiece that I am obsessed with painting  into my vision. Painting into what I want it to be. How do I do this you ask? Well, by following my heart. Yes I know it sounds like some kind of hippy stuff. Exactly how does one follow their heart? Everyone says it but doesn’t exactly explain how this is done. So here is how I follow my heart specifically. I follow my heart by doing things that make me happy, by trying to see ideas that I care about into fruition. For example taking strolls at my own pace, searching for beautiful sunsets, writing stories that play in my imagination, developing my own blog site, dreaming of my Caribbean Media Company and the list goes on. These happy steps range from the simple to the complex but the journey to make them real, even if difficult is all part of the definition of following my heart.

Right now this masterpiece of a life looks like a mess sometimes, because it’s filled with a random display of all my favorite colors. The picture isn’t quite clear yet but I know each brush stroke and color, moment by moment. For instance, I knew that today I was supposed relieve my spirit of this knowledge by putting it into words; I know that today I am supposed to cook my daughter and myself a big lunch of our fav foods to be in my absolute bliss. All these little things when combined will make the perfect vision of my life for me. And so I forge forward in believing it’s ok for me to be happy, that I in fact deserve to be happy. I forge forward in creating my masterpiece of a life, brush stroke by brush stroke, moment by moment, day by day. 

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