My Life is Not A Partisan Issue

Sometimes it's hard to understand why this healthcare debate is important. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and I'm lucky enough to say that I beat in a mere 7 months. Between chemo, surgery, scans, and doctor visits I would have had to pay $421,531.04 (some scans and appointments are missing from this total, but this is what I could currently find). This is why people either die or go bankrupt or both in one of the wealthiest countries on Earth when they get sick.

This cost does not include my follow up appointments, further reconstruction, and further monitoring to make sure I don't get cancer again. Being 25 I have a long time left to get cancer in my other breast or other parts of my body such as my ovaries, pancreas, or skin. I am more vulnerable due to my BRCA 1 gene mutation and will have to be monitored for cancer for the rest of my life. That includes getting MRIs or mammograms every 6 months. In case anyone was wondering, a MRI at NYU is $10,925.67.

This is not a debate. This is not a partisan issue. This is my life. We don't know what's in this bill because it's being written in secret with a week before a vote takes place so I'm just going to assume the worst. Lifetime caps will kill me. Not having access to decent insurance because of my pre-existing condition will kill me. Plain and simple. So get loud. Call your senators. Feel free to share my story or one of your own. If you choose silence on this issue I will hold you responsible for my death.

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