My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

My primary connection with people I care about is Facebook.

I love social media.

I thrive on the connection, the “news,” the dialogue, it’s my thing. Unapologetically.

And right now I hate it.

I hate it because of politics. We have the most ridiculous election season ever taking place and every day I cringe to see what the candidates are up to and what godawful and unhelpful things people are saying about them.

I hate it because Black Lives DO matter, and I’m weary of the rhetoric surrounding that and what feels like a complete impasse in the discussion.

I hate it because it seems like people are getting testy and ornery and slap happy, myself included.

And I’m mad. I’m mad because, quite literally, my primary connection with the vast majority of people who I care about is Facebook. And I care about a lot of people whose opinions vary vastly from my own, but I still want to care about it.

I’m mad because an aunt and uncle of mine, blood relatives, unfriended me when I went off half cocked and said that Trump’s faith doesn’t matter to me because he’s a flaming asshole, and a Christian asshole is still an asshole. Yet, to the core of my being I believe it.

This is the world we live in. This is the world we have created, and I feel powerless to even envision anything better, let alone bring it to fruition.

And I’m tired. And fed up. I want to delete Facebook, but then, my friends, scattered across the country and world. People whose kids fight similar battles to mine. People who I’ve known for a decade and never met. People whose daily lives I care about.

And so I log on, and feel like crying.

And I log off and feel like crying.