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My Model Go-See Diet For Fashion Week

Fashion Week is upon us and here are my tips for models to be thin and gorgeous for the go sees ahead.
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Fashion Week is upon us, and here are my tips for models to be thin and gorgeous for the go-sees ahead.

No, it is not tic tacs and cigarettes!

1. Start with a supervised juice fast for 3-5 days. This cleanse will be nutrient-rich. You will eliminate waste and toxins, while consuming low-calorie, vitamin-rich, raw, organic unprocessed foods through juices, raw soups, and smoothies. Your energy will be high and you will have glowing eyes, clear skin, a flat stomach, no matter the time of the month, and a smile on your face. Makeup will go on easily, your skin will not end up with a sallow look after all the applications, and your hair will withstand all the duress from one show to the next. Try

2. No alcohol, cigarettes, sodas, or drugs of any kind. After the shows are over you can have wine or whatever drink you like moderation but then again, you will feel so good you might not want to return to old habits.

3. After your fast is over, continue the juices, soups, and smoothies. You can add nuts and salads when you feel you are ready to add more to your diet.

4. When the shows are over, think about adding poached salmon or lightly steamed veggies, and olive oil with lemon on everything, while keeping your favorite juices, soups, and smoothies in your daily plan. Then you can continue no processed foods of any kind, which should be easy since your taste buds should be favoring real food that looks just picked.

5. After the shows are over, add exercise like Physique 57, or their Physique Yoga, and Mat 57 classes. They keep you trim, lean, and are calorie-burning beyond belief, so the added foods you are eating will be burned off. Try

6. Now that you're trimmed-down you will be who you are all the time. Your gorgeous skin, hair, and toned, slim body will be better and better everyday. All of this will be no effort to maintain because now this is who you are.

7. The endorphins from working out will keep you upbeat. The nutrition from the best food choices which should now be no processed foods will make you the ideal candidate for any company to sign for a super contract to represent their brand.

Oh, and for those of you who are not models, why not give it a try? It's working for me. It is one full year of non-processed foods, and I highly recommend trying "My Model Go-See Diet".... a good life plan just shared with you in this blog.