My Mother Is Better At Online Dating Than Me

“I got drunk for the first time since college last night,” my mother tells me as she recounts her date from the night before with a man she’d met online. “We were out dancing until midnight and I wore that new little blue dress with the cheerleader skirt, and when I went to the bathroom, he finished my drink so that I wouldn’t argue about leaving. When he left my place, I was too woozy to walk him to the door, but I did manage to get myself to the bathroom to throw up before going to sleep. I definitely felt better after that.”

Welcome to the nausea-inducing world of online dating at the same time your mother. When my father died two years ago, dating was the last thing on my mind. I was in a committed, long-distance relationship with a man who three months later would become my fiancé, and was also committed to supporting my mother, who was grieving the loss of the man she’d been married to for 43 years.

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