My Mother Said, "Marry the Man You Choose to Be With, Not the One You Need to Be With."

My Mother Said, "Marry the Man You Choose to Be With, Not the One You Need to Be With."
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Mother's Day is when we remember how selfless the role is as well as remembering all that our moms do for us in our development.

My mother was a painter, a costume designer, and an amazing cook -- a powerful creative force. She built doll houses with incredible detail from recycled wood and materials. She was into health, nutritious foods, vitamins, juices and even astrology. She was a single mom for many years and never missed a beat. Her work, creativity and spirit were in full force at all times.

She had a talk with me when I was eleven about how women should be able to make their own way and not have to depend on a man to create their identity or support them. She felt the man you are with should be through choice and not through need.

Education meant everything to her. She planted books and encyclopedias purchased with coupons for the A & P all over the apartment, especially the bathroom, so we could not escape without reading.

As soon as I started meeting other moms, I realized that this energetic, unique person I called my mother was part of my destiny and this is how I would become who I am today. The 40s and 50s were not easy times for women with aspirations outside of the home. She felt committed to being the best homemaker, but here skills were extraordinary and so perfect for a career and the business world.

She taught me so much by example and I learned from her that there are no boundaries. If you want to do something, just do it, and put your heart and soul into the project for the full benefit.

She passed on nine years ago, and I still feel her presence. She always expected the best and better and her standards were high. She felt competition was healthy and a way to grow and be better. The processes as well as the achievements were what life is about. To do anything less is wasting each day we have to make a difference.

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