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My Nazi Can Beat Up Your Nazi

It's not okay to throw the word "Nazi" around unless you're talking about actual Nazis. It's definitely not okay to use it in a health care debate.
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There's a line in A Few Good Men where Demi Moore says that Marines in Gitmo are very serious. Tom Cruise asks, "Serious about what?" Demi responds, "About being Marines." That's how Jews feel when you try and appropriate the word Nazi, we get very Gitmo about our Jewishness.

You have to understand, Jews are very good at remembering everyone who ever took a shot at us. We have a holiday for most of the biggies ("They killed us, pass the turkey."). But Hitler and the Nazis have a very special place in the pantheon of monsters. Nazi is our N-word. That's why it's not okay with us -- and shouldn't be okay with anyone -- to throw the word "Nazi" around unless you're talking about actual Nazis. It's definitely not okay to use it in a health care debate. In fact, put Nazi and doctor in the same sentence and you come up with one name and one name only -- Josef Mengele, winner of the "Black Badge for the Wounded." That was like the Nazi Oscar for Best Health Care ("I vant to sank zee Academy, mein Fuhrer, and mein agent...").

For all you Town Hallers out there, I'm going to assume you don't know who Josef Mengele was. I assume that because if you did, I'd hope you wouldn't be painting Swastikas on your picket signs.

Dr. Mengele drew a horizontal line across a wall at Auschwitz, five feet from the floor. If you were shorter than that line you were immediately sent to the gas chamber. The line was drawn in the childrens' barracks.

Dr. Mengele performed experiments on live, fully conscious human beings to determine just how much pressure it would take to crush a skull. In order to be precise, he had to administer the experiment very slowly.

Dr. Mengele put people in bread ovens to determine at exactly what temperature the skin would receive first, second and third degree burns.

Dr. Mengele once murdered a thousand women in one day. Why? Because they had lice and it cost less to kill the women than to kill the lice.

Again, Josef Mengele was awarded the most prestigious medal for health care for this "work."

Are you getting it now town hallers, town hollers and town criers? You may not like Barack Obama, but calling him a Nazi makes you sound like a clown, an imbecile and an infant. And continuing to cry about America no longer resembling the one you grew up in only further proves the point that you got it backwards. It's America that did the growing up, and you're the one we no longer recognize.

UPDATE August 18, 2009:
At one of today's town hall meetings, a woman yells "Heil Hitler!" at a man who is talking about the health care system in Israel. Free speech? Of course. But, if you don't like the filth that shows up calling itself "legitimate protest," then it's compulsory that you exercise your own.

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