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My New Challenge -- Fifty States Of Wigge!

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Hi everyone, I have started my new travel challenge today: Fifty States of Wigge.

Basically I have to travel all 50 U.S. states within a maximum of 50 days. 48 out of the fifty states will be traveled by camper van. But things are even more intense. In each of the 50 states I have to face one state related question.

Why all this trouble, since this travel will mean little sleep and a real tough challenge?

I am German who is living in the U.S. and I really want to explore America in detail. How does the country look like between lovely New England and inspirational California, between sunny Florida and secluded Alaska? I want to figure out how America ticks!

And this especially seems to be interesting in the election year 2016. The two political front runners seem to represent extremes: Billionaire Donald Trump comes across extremely edgy with a hairstyle that would even make Elvis jealous. Why is part of America -- that traditionally stands for an immigration history -- going to vote for him?

And then there's Hillary Clinton, who seems to collect titles. Former first lady, former secretary of state, former presidential runner. How popular can a person still be, who is around for so long?

I will try to find answers to America while facing 50 challenges in 50 states: Trying to learn the trumpet in New Orleans, investigating in America's German heritage at the Amish country in Pennsylvania, trying to touch Donald Trump at a Trump rally, sprinting from top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 60 seconds, losing weight in Colorado, America's least obese state, and even finding out what actually a swing state really is.

Fifty States of Wigge -- an unusual 2016 America investigation

And here my first state and first challenge in the north east, in Maine, check out my video here.

Greetings. Wiggy