My New Favorite Holiday

"In our group meeting, we decided to donate $500 from our [Global Fund for Women] grant as a contribution to women's groups in the Philippines," - Global Fund for Women grantee partner SOS Vlasotince in southern Serbia.

"Thanks for this call. It is truly time for us to make contributions to support our fellow sisters in a terrible situation like this," - Anne Stells Fomumbod, executive director of Global Fund for Women grantee partner IVFCam in Cameroon.

Our partners wasted no time in responding to our message of solidarity for women who survived typhoon Haiyan. Emails of love and support flooded our Global Fund for Women inboxes.

Whether it's a natural disaster in the Philippines, a horrific rape case in India, or political turmoil in Egypt, women in the Global Fund network rise to the occasion because we are in this together. Being part of the Global Fund community makes you an activist who cares as much about how you advocate for women's rights as you do the impact itself.

We live in new era of philanthropy. Kathy Calvin and Henry Timms tell us that it's no longer just about big wealth. It's about big impact and it's not just billionaires and world leaders who can make a difference. We couldn't agree more. In fact, this is the foundation on which Global Fund was built on 25 years ago.

No matter where you live, whether you give your time, $5 or $5 million, we value and respect your gift. It's that power of the collective, which makes Global Fund for Women unique. We call it equal generosity. Our network is powered by Anne Stells Fomumbod of Cameroon and 60,000 plus others like her, pooling our resources to advance women's rights.

Rallying for a cause like women's rights is core to our mission -- it's also what #GivingTuesday is all about. In this new era of philanthropy, people who want to make a difference are meeting online and building community through crowdfunding organizations like Razoo. Philanthropy is more accessible than ever.

Unfortunately, of the over $316 billion in annual American charitable giving, only 4 percent is spent abroad, according toGiving USA's 2013 report on philanthropy in America. Philanthropy is a shared responsibility; transforming the world requires the support of many. For example, violence against women isn't just a problem that happens in India or Colombia, it's everywhere, including in the United States. If we're going to reduce or end violence, we have to do it together.

And who better to do that work than women? Global Fund partners have influenced the passage of laws on violence against women in 25 countries and counting. More than 1 billion women and girls are covered by those legal protections today.

There's nothing that I care more passionately about than matching opportunities with philanthropists for transformative change. This year, I'm excited to make #GivingTuesday my new favorite holiday and look forward to watching this virtual philanthropic community grow and thrive. Join us by taking action to help solve problems in your community and abroad. Donate, volunteer, or raise awareness about a cause for which you feel deeply. We'll be meeting new, like-minded supporters on Razoo and we hope to see you there.

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