My New Golf Course: A Source of Pride for Aberdeenshire and Scotland

Several years ago, I purchased the most spectacular piece of property in Aberdeenshire,
Scotland, right on the North Sea with over 3 miles of coastline.

Scotland is where my mother was born, and I feel proud about being of Scottish descent.
Aberdeenshire is the perfect setting to build what will surely be the greatest golf links course in the world. Since the approval of the project in November, 2008, I have worked tirelessly to create the most spectacular golf course in the world and a development that Aberdeen and Scotland will be extremely proud of.

While over 90% of the locals, politicians, businesses and top historians support my project, a
small group of dissidents are using my name to forward their own selfish agendas. Unfortunately, I have interacted with these types of people in the past. Now Tilda Swinton, who I don't know and never heard of, has joined them. She should have spoken up three years ago and obviously is enjoying this publicity stunt at my expense. In any event, I have the support of Sir Sean Connery and this very small group of dissidents have Tilda Swinton -- I'll take that deal any day.

I was very honored by the statements made by renowned historian, Tim Newark in
the Press and Journal in Scotland. Tim is one of the most preeminent historians in Scotland
and I found his analysis extremely interesting and agree that Ms. Swinton's
comments trivialize a tragic event in Scottish history. It's a shame that she would disgrace the thousands of Scots who suffered for her own personal gain and in order to get some easy publicity for herself.

In three years, everyone will love this development -- it will be the world's greatest golf course and a source of pride for Aberdeenshire and Scotland as a whole.

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