My New Year's Resolution: Stop Impulse Buying "As Seen On TV"

I have a bad habit I have to admit to, and I am looking to change my ways for my New Year's Resolution this year.

I am an impulse buyer. Often, I will buy something that I don't need, put it away, and the next time I see the item I think: "Now exactly why did I buy that?"

When it comes to clothes, my impulses border on ridiculous. For example, if something is on sale and I like it, I will buy it whether it is my size or not -- hoping to squeeze in it someday.

In situations where I do these stupid things, I need an inner-sister girlfriend whispering in my ear:

"Girlfriend! A size blankety-blank? Really? Who you kidding? You haven't seen that size since your forties!"

Or maybe I need a little devil sitting on my shoulder, laughing as I buy an item a size too small:

"I love these deluded women who waste their money buying a smaller size," the devil hysterically laughs with glee.

My impulse spending is completely out of control for "As Seen on TV" items and even infomercials. My husband has blocked all QVC type channels from our remote playlist with this in mind. He doesn't want to find me mesmerized, credit card and phone poised, like an addict that can't stop.

I have bought so much from being convinced on TV. I have a Set It and Forget It rotisserie, a Magic Bullet, some magical cooking pan called the Turbo Cooker that was supposed to cook five course meals in one pan in 15 minutes, and, which sits in a cabinet unused. I admit, I do use the rotisserie -- it makes a great rotisserie chicken, but seriously, I could save time and money by just picking up one of those store made rotisserie chickens that every supermarket sells. And so that's what I mostly do.

The cooking pan lasted a week of experimentation. The directions and recipes for those "quick" meals turned out to be much more time consuming, and less delicious, than what I saw on TV. The "easy" part was perhaps the most deceiving, as the directions needed a physicist to decipher. This was a news flash for me -- those smiling people demonstrating it and gushing over it were lying!

I used the Magic Bullet for the first two weeks, making the delicious guacamole, which was supposed to be "quick and easy." Except it wasn't. Not even close. Note to self: If it is advertised as quick and easy, it means it is time consuming and difficult.

I really went wild with exercise equipment I found on TV. First a slider mat and footies that simulate skating, then an aerobic "glider," followed by yoga tapes and mat, an Ab Roller and then an Ab Cruncher, and finally, an Ab Lounge, and to be honest, I am still sporting a spare tire in the middle. They are sitting in my exercise/family room -- but hey, this gives me an excuse not to join a gym because I already have a fully stocked one in my home!

These days, if an "As Seen on TV" product comes on the TV, if my husband can't grab the remote fast enough, he will throw his body in front of the TV, shielding it from my view like he was protecting his child from a searing missile.

That's okay though, because I can let you in on a secret (but promise not to tell my husband). Many pharmacies and other store chains now sell these products in a department that is titled "As Seen on TV." Each box carries that logo too, just so suckers like me can remember how wonderful the product looked on TV, and feel compelled to buy it.

That's how I got my glass wizard, that didn't quite work as well as advertised, and now sits in a box on the closet floor. That's also where I got my click-on lights, that are not as bright as they seemed on TV, and burn out much more quickly than you would think.

Perhaps my most ridiculous purchase was the battery-operated potato peeler. By the time you apply pressure and scrape it along, it is quicker and easier to do this job manually with a regular instrument.

I do not regret my micro-fiber towels, however. In fact, I highly recommend them as well as those furniture sliders (that slides heavy pieces of furniture like they were weightless).

It's not as if I have absolutely no filter for these products. Take the Gingsu Knife, for example. I knew instinctively that if it cut through a can that easily, a finger would never be safe.

So here I am, publicly declaring my weakness and resolving to make it stop. Hoping all my readers had a happy holiday season, and wishing a Happy New Year to one and all.

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