13 Things You Think About While Listening To Music At Work

"Kanye West is a geniu….I hate myself."

This sure looks like my office, but it sounds like a posh nightclub. 

That's because I'm perched at my desk, listening to the latest mix from Deep House London on SoundCloud.

 I'm tapping my foot. I feel energized. Somehow the act of writing this listicle feels sexy and chic. Music has a wonderful way of putting a cinematic filter over reality.

I polled my colleagues to find out what thoughts race through their heads as the songs they like blast in their ears. Here's what we all agreed on:

  • 1 Can people hear my music?
  • 2 I have better taste in music than my coworkers, probably.
  • 3 I wonder if anyone is talking to me. Oh, they are. Oh well. Whatever.
  • 4 God, I love Britney Spears.
  • 5 Why does everyone hate U2 so much? This is good stuff.
  • 6 Can this person talking to me not see that I'm wearing headphones?
  • 7 Does anyone notice that I'm kind of swaying to this bangin' track?
  • 8 Why isn’t classic rock considered classical music?
  • 9 Would any of my coworkers ever talk to me again if they heard what I was listening to?
  • 10 I hate these ads. Why did I cancel my Spotify membership? Oh right, I'm cheap.
  • 11 Ew why did Spotify shuffle to baby-making music?
    *Looks shiftily left and right, raises volume.*
    *Looks shiftily left and right, raises volume.*
  • 12 Is it rude if I keep one earbud in while my manager’s talking to me?
  • 13 Kanye West is a geniu….I hate myself.