My Path To The Greatest City On Earth

Growing up in the midwest was a complex situation. First of all, it was amazing when I was little. Summers in Kansas are the greatest, and I never had a lack of things to do. Catching fireflies, camping out in the back yard, and riding around in my go-kart were basically the highlights of my life. Can you think of anything better for a crazy kid like me to do? Things change, though, once you get older and you realize your dreams. I was always a creative kid and sometimes that led to my peers not understanding me. Knowing what I wanted to accomplish early on made my years in high school sort of... painful, I would say. But the future looked bright and that kept me optimistic. I developed my deep passion and love for everything artistic throughout those years, and that focus gave me the chance to make it into one of the top art schools in the country. My path was as bumpy as it could be, but it lead me to the greatest city on earth.

I moved to New York City in late August 2011, and it has been the greatest experience and decision of my life. People were skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy it, or even be able to handle the magnitude of the change. I was always positive about my choice, but I had no idea just how fantastic it really was. The people that I have already met and developed friendships with so far, and the experiences that I have been a part of have made my life so much better. I know it sounds super cheesy, but I'm happier being in this city and learning new things. The majority of the things that I am studying and learning are coming from outside of my schooling. I've always been pretty independent and that makes learning on my own an easy task.

Every day that I wake up in the city is so fresh. No day is similar to the day before, and the individuality of the days matches the individuality of all the people that I encounter.

People love to put you down and discourage you. Do not let it get past your eardrums. Do not take in what they have to say, because it is rooted in jealousy and hate. You have the power to make a change in your life, and reach ANY goal that you set out for yourself. Nothing in this world that can be imagined is too large for you to accomplish. I am just a guy from an insignificant town in Kansas, and now I get to wake up every morning and the first thing I see outside my window is the Empire State Building. Make it happen.