My Penn '68 Classmate, Donald Trump

It is heartening that so many Wharton School professors, alumni and students at the University of Pennsylvania have publicly denounced and derided the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

Trump transferred to Wharton as a junior in 1966 and basically was there to just pick up a Wharton degree and study real estate. In later years, he publicly disparaged other Wharton students as not so bright or talented as he was. He couldn't understand what the fuss regarding Wharton was about but later sent both his daughters Ivanka (another junior year transfer student) and Tiffany (a 4 year student) to Penn.

One year on Alumni Weekend, Trump insisted on landing his jet helicopter on the campus so all could see his "success". (I skipped the alumni event in disgust at the University for supposedly caving in to this request).

I haven't any idea what Trump's grades were during his tenure at Penn but I did hear him say in a media interview early in this campaign that he was Valedictorian of his class...another invention of Trump's imagination. Trump likely learned far more from his mentor, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, than he ever learned at Wharton.

Anyone with even the flimsiest contact with Trump or a shared experience contemporaneous with his own (Iike mine at Penn) needs to publicly speak out so that those still-undecided voters will understand the total lack of qualifications of this man for public office at any level. He needs to be crushed not just defeated on election day so that his depraved and dangerous ravings will gain no more traction in American life.