My Photo Of First Lady Clinton

Sitting prominently on my office desk is a photo of me taken in the Oval Office with then First Lady, Hilary Clinton. As a television producer I had the privilege of conducting interviews for various network programs. Mrs. Clinton was an early role model to many. Not content to pick out china patterns or change the Oval Office curtains, she jumped into an issue-oriented role. And despite the various alleged wanderings of her husband, there was reportedly no disconnect, as she remained his most trusted unofficial advisor.

We are now talking about her as a candidate for President of the United Sates. As a former Senator and Secretary of State, she has more than earned her stripes, not without some dark spots. Her accomplishments outweigh the failures making her by far the most appropriate choice.

It has come down to facing off with the despicable Donald Trump. How I wish this were just about the issues. I still believe Secretary Clinton would prevail. How proud so many would be to have her as our first woman president. But how much prouder we would be to have a woman elected on her merits and proposals rather than because she earns votes based on the discovered deplorable behavior of her opponent.

Short of being "sued" by Mr. Trump, as he promised others who have attempted to discredit his attempts to become our President, I worked for the Trump Organization for 3 years and 9 pageants associated with the Miss Universe Organization. I doubt that Mr. Trump would even remember my name although I "shared" the Executive Producer credit with him on these programs. He was given to hyperbole; always stating that these shows got the best ever ratings of any TV show (NOT). He was full of false bravado and mighty proud that he was the head of televised beauty pageants. I do not fault beauty pageants in any way. They were a source of finances and sponsorship more often awarded to male athletes. Here, females had a chance to earn enough to continue an education or fall into a profession. I will also state that I never had any indication that Mr. Trump took any liberties with the contestants. However, I do not doubt those women brave enough to come forward to say that there were forbidden advances. Mr. Trump is all about Mr. Trump. So short of having to retain counsel, that's all there is to say.

This is the first presidential election for which my youngest daughter is able to vote. She could now care less about elements of our economy, healthcare, international relations, borders.... even though she was not born in this country. She only cares that someone like Trump could even be allowed to run for office.

The "noise" surrounding this election has obscured the important rhetoric. There is no doubt that Secretary Clinton will emerge victorious. It is one thing to win because the people have spoken. It is another to win by default when people are screamingly angry. I want to be proud of my photograph, so please, Secretary Clinton, earn this position once you sit in the big chair. And may I please get another picture taken?

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