My Plan B Story

Sadly, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ruled today not to make Plan B, aka the morning-after pill, available over the counter. Currently, anyone over the age of 17 can request Plan B from a pharmacist without a prescription.

What a shame. Going through my twitter feed earlier today (R.I.P. Google Reader!), I came across this oral history of Plan B at GOOD. It reminded me of a story of my own from a few years ago. I was with my family, on our annual beach vacation in South Carolina, and ended up buying Plan B for a terrified teenage couple. I told the story on twitter:

I can scarcely imagine what it must have been like for those kids. They asked a complete stranger to buy Plan B, with no idea what I would do, say, or whether I would take the money and run (I'm sure they figured my stuffy and miserable sister grumpily shuffling along behind me would have impeded my escape).

It took a lot of courage to do that, or a lot of desperation. Either way, is that really what we want sexual health to come down to?