My Planet, My Concerns
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A simple thought provoking question first.

Could we last for another 100 years?

The talk on Global Warming was a topic I honestly never thought I'd come to a point of even beginning to share and talk about. This was never something that interested me, and I always thought like few of my friends, that the Earth has its way of rebalancing itself, and all will be well, irregardless. Until one day, as Life had it, it shoved some people and information my way showing me the probability of less-than-positive-light on the eventual outcome of the Earth.
(For example, watching "Before The Flood": by Leonardo Dicaprio)

So, here are some couple points.

Our generation, people my age, are the ones who will directly feel the effects of what has been done and what is being done. It will unfold in our time, in the next 20, 30, 40 years to affect us, my children, and my grandchildren, directly.

My Vain Optimism

Now I am an optimistic person.

When I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, I was utterly convinced to the point of being accused irresponsible and irrational that I will recover despite all statistical evidences that suggests that I probably won't last another 5 years. I am still going at 2 and a half, and I am in much better health than before. Whether I will last another 3 years is not as important a question as knowing, whether I am fully recovered from this disease or not because I am, thanks to a traditional advanced ayurvedic treatment.

So here, you can see, I am as optimistic as it can get. And I benefitted from that positivity. But I don't really fancy what I am seeing when I get myself educated with global warming and climate change. While I am an avid believer of the fact that what you don't know can't harm you anyway, but had I not gotten myself checked in the hospital and taken practical steps, all the while remaining overwhelmingly optimistic, probably I would more than likely be dead by now.

Hence, there is the fine line where you thread and balance by educating yourself with known facts , and dealing with the information so you can get the best final outcome.

Dealing With The Information

For us positive thinkers, it is all good being positive and doing light work and visualizations, and avoiding negative news. But the real truth is, if we are all wanting to truly be of help and service, we need to be able to sort through the data and facts presented to us by science, and having the emotional maturity and wisdom to deal with it.

I don't agree with fear promotion, and showing up with too much negative statements like saying "Oh, you might get cancer tomorrow." I don't agree with doing scare tactics. I don't believe in having such a negative viewpoint and perspective of anything at all because that is not how it works.

I know that had I not have the belief that I will recover from acute leukemia and with a non invasive treatment , I would have continued on with chemotherapy, and that, quite frankly, would not have benefitted me. Believe me when I say that at that point, options for other therapies and treatments were close to none. Alternative treatments which would cure other stage 4 cancers did not give even an inkling of a hint that they could help mine. Yet I managed to find a treatment that would assist me to where I am today.

So here I say, "Anything is possible.", and it will serve us well for us to continue in this light.

But here is where I feel we need to work on.

Getting acquainted with information on climate change.

When we get educated, I can tell you, it will push you right out of your comfort zone. You might get angry with what you find. You might get fearful. But that's ok.

It's important to acquaint yourself with facts and reality and it's ok to feel emotional i.e angry or fearful with what we find. But that is where awareness starts, and it is only with awareness when we can do something about changing the mindset and therefore the situation.

I don't see myself as an intelligent person where I can scientifically make a difference. I am quite simple really. But, I can't help but feel that if I could just practise presence, be something of a frequency holder, whilst at the same time, if I can write about this, then I'll write about it, to just bring alittle bit more awareness and tap into something that's in all of us.

There are little things that we can all do, for instance, awareness of the things we consume. Could the awareness in the choices we make , make a much bigger difference?

What You Do, Makes a Difference

Our awareness, bringing awareness, could make a huge difference. This is our urgent task. Also remember, governments follow public opinions. And maybe that's where the real change will happen.

Even though science might paint a very bleak picture, it doesn't stop us from being able to feel optimistic about the possibilities of what solutions could come. But a real awareness of the problem is more likely to bring about a solution, than by burying our heads in the sand, because there is very little doubt based on the facts that are coming through, that we are headed towards a catastrophe.

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