'My Prairie Home,' Documentary About Transgender Musician Rae Spoon, Has Sundance Premiere

WATCH: Transgender Musician Gets Personal In New Documentary At Sundance

A groundbreaking new documentary about transgender Canadian singer-songwriter Rae Spoon is making waves at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and we've got an exclusive clip.

Directed by Chelsea McMullan, "My Prairie Home" takes a candid look at Spoon's embattled Pentecostal childhood and early struggles with gender identity, as well as their current life on the road.

A number of Spoon's musical performances are featured throughout the new film. As McMullan noted in a statement, "Right from the beginning, I thought of the film as a documentary-musical. That was the initial idea: Rae's story needs to be told through their music."

For more info on "My Prairie Home," head here.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Spoon prefers the use of the gender-neutral, third person pronoun, so we are referring to the musician as "their.")

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