My Kindergartener Left Me Speechless With This Brilliant Hustle

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Answer by Liz Hermosa, artist, interested in science, history and math, on Quora:

I wanted to teach my daughters how to appreciate the hard work I do by sustaining us as a single mom, since I'm often requested to provide expensive toys and gadgets.

I gave them $50 dollars each and said the first to double that money in a period of fifteen days would keep the initial money, the profits, and receive the amount of $200 as a prize. I was honestly expecting they would keep the 50 bucks and buy some toys next time we went shopping. I was so wrong!

Three days after that one of my daughters approached me with $100 bill in her hand. She stood in front of me without saying anything, just waiting for the extra $200 to be pulled out of my wallet. I was very impressed and surprised. I hadn't noticed any small businesses going on. I didn't see any "$1 lemonade" on the driveway at home. But how?

It turns out that both of my daughters had made a deal. They would give one of their $50 to the another so when she won the challenge they could split it up and walk away with a fair $150, half of the total. What made it even better is they asked their grandpa to provide them a $100 bill for the two $50 bills they each had. After that, they agreed that the older girl would be selected for winning the challenge since she was one year older than her sister. But guess who was the one who came up with the whole plan? It was the younger one. At that time the oldest was six years old and the younger one was five.

I had to pay them the $200 since I never specified how the money had to be doubled. Well played, my precious daughters. Since then I have never made business deal with my daughters without writing down a very detailed set of rules for my own protection!

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