My Quick Take on the Fox Kiddie Table Debate


Jim Gilmore (Governor, Attorney General, counterintelligence agent, NRA board member) sure has a big black ring on his right hand. If I was ISIS, I'd be scared of that thing.

Bobby Jindal gets my vote for Student Council President. Too bad he has over twenty years to wait till he can run for U.S. President.

Carly Fiorina is fast overcoming the fact that only one-third of her face actually moves to make some smart, strategic points about confronting Iran. If we could bring back the Carly from twenty years ago, we'd have a face we could believe in.

George Pataki sure is tall. And tired. And old.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is confirming our long-held astonishment that he could be Governor of anything, let alone the 12th largest economy in the world. One day, and hopefully soon, Rick Perry will not seem like a blubbering doofus. That day is not today.

Lindsey Graham on the economy: "I will destroy ISIL." Lindsay Graham on executive orders: "I will destroy ISIL." Lindsey Graham has now been officially chosen for the lead in the remake of Dr. Strangeglove.

Rick Santorum, you seem like a nice, friendly guy. And because you are so good-natured and fecund (seven kids!), let me, friend to friend, tell you something in private: you are NEVER going to win this thing. Now, run along to the Family Research Council.

Can't wait for the second debate!